Swap-meeting and Teacup Candle-ing

by morganallison

First and foremost, I am SO happy to have a break from school. I haven’t had any time to craft lately so my mom and I are taking this time to create as much as possible. So this morning we got up early and made our way over to the Westminster Swap Meet to find some long lost treasures. After wading through discarded beanie babies, old VHS tapes and what must have been a million mismatched earrings, we happily rushed home to begin creating. Aside from 5 antique teacups (2 of which came with the matching saucers), I am very excited to inform you that, for only $1.75, I also got…

My very own lavender plant!

I know, very exciting. Come May, I may just have some new lavender-themed crafts. Perfume? Tea? Sachets? Oh the possibilities are just endless. But I digress. What we did today was upcycle the antique teacups into some cute, anthropologie-esque candles.

Let me tell you, it was quite a process. The measuring cup is still coated in wax, sitting in the sink. My wrist hurts from scraping the wax off of it in between colors. But, I am happy with the results! I think they came out pretty cute.

The end result

These are two of the finished ones, with the blue candle still setting in the background. I think the brown is my favorite.

Another of my favorites

Still need to cut the wick on that one, but I love how it looks next to the bright lemons from the backyard!

Puppy watching intently

The little one liked to watch us make a mess of the kitchen. She finally stopped trying to rip the donut toy up and posed for a cute photo op.

Perfectly portable

These two candles are actually in those tiny single serving jam containers you can find in hotels and such places. My mom loves to save cute containers, which may explain my container obsession. But how cute are these?? We could only find one of the lids, but I think they look just fine without them. Perfect for a little spontaneous candlelight.

All of the candles together

So here’s all the candles together, nine in all. This took about 3-4 hours–most of which was spent waiting while the old candles melted so we could reuse the wax. Definitely a fun way to kick off my creations this week. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store–stay tuned!