Electrolyte Disorders Votive Holder

by morganallison

This one goes out to my fellow nursing students. I went thrift shopping round two with Ligin today. We tried a new place and weren’t that impressed. However, I did find this awesome book:

I was destined to find this bad boy

Somehow I waded through the hodge-podge of musty sweaters and used pantyhose (people buy that?) to find a book on Renal and Electrolyte Disorders, which coincidentally is what we’ve been covering so far in Pathophysiology. About 50% of the book is on stuff we’ve covered already, such as hypernatremia, hypokalemia, etc. Fascinating stuff, really.

I knew once I flipped through it and saw all the pretty graphs, flowcharts and histology pictures that I had a purpose for this book: a new votive holder. And ta-da! After  about an hour of hunching over on my bedroom floor with my mod podge, I present to you my very own Electrolyte Imbalance Votive Holder:

Isn't it grand?

Sure to help you study--by candlelight!

In case you need to remember the structure of aldosterone

This votive holder features your favorite imbalances, such as: Hyponatremia, metabolic and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis, with a guest star appearance by the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system!

Happy studying!